How to Prevent Water Wastage in Toilets

How to Prevent Water Wastage in Toilets

How to Prevent Water Wastage in Toilets

You will find the numerous Toilet reviews 2016 but the information related to prevention of after wastage is not enough. Water is an essential element for life and the toilets are the biggest source to waste the water in a considerable amount. Here are a few tips that are useful to prevent the water wastage.

Low-flow toilet

A big water hog in the house is flushing. The traditional toilets have high-flow flushing technology in which a huge amount of water got wasted. About 5 to 7 gallons of water are used by the conventional toilets. With the passage of time, there are much better toilets are available in the market that contains a low-flow technology in which only 1.6-gallon water is used.

Use of a plastic bottle

If you are using a traditional toilet and find no way to replace this toilet with a better option then try this technique. You just need to place a plastic bottle filled with water in the tank of the toilet so it is useful to lessen the amount of water used per flush.

Check for a toilet leak

At times the toilet leakage is the reason of water wastage. To check if the toilet is leaking or not, add some dye in the tank and if there is any color in the bowl then it is a clear indication that the toilet needs a repair. So repair it in an instant manner to avoid further wastage.

Avoid disposes of certain things

Use a garbage bin to dispose of tissue paper and other bathroom waste and do not flush things into the toilet as it may cause clogging or water wastage.

How to Prevent Water Wastage in Toilets

Check faucets and pipes for leaks

At times, the pipe leakage also causes the water wastage so repair it on an urgent basis if you find any damage there.

Additional tips

Do not waste water while you are waiting for the warm water. Fill up the buckets and save it for later use in cleaning purpose. Never use the toilet as an ashtray or a bin as it is ultimately harmful to you. Try to spend minimum time in the shower. The more time you spend, the more water will be wasted, so it is better to set a reminder if you are not able to estimate the time. While brushing the teeth, many people do not turn the tap off that is a big source of water waste so it is necessary to turn off the water to stop the wastage of water.

Moreover, there are some showerheads with high-flow that waste a lot of water but these days there are some showerheads are available with a low-flow that is the best way to save the water as it offers you a moderate flow as compared to the conventional shower. There is also water saving heads or flow restrictors are available that are useful to prevent the loss of water and you can use the traditional shower with low-flow and also you don’t have to expend too much on it by changing the whole product.


Three Best Portable Massage Chairs Reviews in 2016

If you have been dreaming of a day to soothe your body with a therapeutic massage then today we would be discussing something familiar. The costly massage centers and the spas are not the flexible options for you. Moreover, after a long tiring day, you don’t have enough power to drive again to the massage center. So, here comes the portable massage chair that can be assembled in your home. It’s a convenient way of getting a Surreal Massage at your home. Just imagine, you are very exhausted. A cheap massage chair at home is waiting for you! Simply come and rest your back on it, and take a nap. This would be a splendid experience.

Best Portable Massage Chairs Reviews

Great Variety

Portable massage chairs are available in many varieties, colors, designs and shapes. You have to choose the one that matches your needs. It mainly depends on the type of massage you want. Some people prefer a back massage only while some would go for a full body massage. They also offer you many compliments and health benefits as well. According to medical research, people who get a massage quite often have 30% fewer chances of any chronic disease”. With massage, there would be no heart problems, no arthritis, and high blood pressure.

With massage chairs, you are getting a robotic massage. The advance human touch technology that has been introduced recently gives you a realistic massage experience. Massage chairs have curved thousands of health complication from back pain to the digestive problems and headaches. The problems with muscle spasms also reduce. A big health issue known as fatigue is also relieved instantly and prevented as well. Daily massage will give your body a beautiful pose, and also helps in improving your breathing process.

There are a lot of benefits that you can achieve with massage. For people suffering from poor digestive disorders, can eliminate the bouts of constipation easily, and ultimately eliminate the toxins as well. As a result, the digestive system improves in its efficiency. The stress that is relieved makes it a lot easier for you to tackle your upcoming hurdles easily. So, a massage chair would be a convenient option of yours. Here are 3 of the best portable massage chairs of 2016.

1) Premium BESTMASSAGE Black Portable Massage Chair

The Premium BESTMASSAGE Black Portable Massage Chair features a Tattoo Spa carry case as a bonus for you. It comes in black, blue, burgundy, cream and white color. The frame is covered with a durable soft PU surface, with adjustable seat, hand and head rest for added comfort.

The dimensions are 29 inches length, 48 inches height, and 18 inches width. This massage chair has a 700 LB capacity when static and 300 LB when working. You can order this sleek and stylish Premium BESTMASSAGE Black Portable Massage Chair from Amazon.

2) Portable Massage Chair TheraBuilt Apex

The Portable Massage Chair TheraBuilt Apex is a high quality and a lightweight massage chair with a thick cushion that gives you optimum comfort. A carrying case is added for you as a bonus. The chair weighs only 18.5 pounds and comes in black color. This 18.5 pounds chair has a capacity of 250 lbs when working.

You’ll also get a one-year limited warranty for any defect by the manufacturer, and a three-month warrant on its face cradle. The Portable Massage Chair TheraBuilt Apex is available on Amazon. Order Today!

3) Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

The Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair is 11 inches wide, 20 inches long and 43 inches high. It weighs only 17.45 lbs. It’s small cell foam is 2 inches thick and is made of multiple layers.

The frame is made of aluminum that makes it lightweight and strong as well. You can order this durable Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair from Amazon.

How to Delete Windows Partition

The users of Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 are lucky enough to have a magic tool known as “Disk Management” that helps a lot in creating, editing and deleting a partition in HD. You do not need to use any third-party software for this purpose. Today, I will show you how you remove recovery partition in Windows 10, but I will not use Disk Management. The only thing you need to know is that you cannot delete Windows partition by using Disk Management tool. Before doing anything you must fix this MsMpEng.exe error first otherwise it will really harm the process of making windows HD partitions.

Disk Management tool can help you in removing a partition that does not contain Windows or System files. If you try to delete System drive, it will not work because this tool is a part of Windows. So guys! The only way you can follow to perform this task is by using a third-party software (before downloading any third party software be sure that your computer is free from dns unlocker adware you can check this bonus guide on how to remove DNS unlocker from your pc) or by using a “Partition Master” bootable CD.  To make a bootable CD can be a difficult task for you so you can follow the other way that is to use an online software. If you delete it, you will lose all of the data on that Drive. So, I would suggest you to backup your data before you start the process of deleting Windows drive.


If you can’t use Bootable CD, you can use a third-party application known as “EaseUs Partition Master” (

Delete Windows Partition with EaseUs Partition Master

  • First, you need to download this tool from its official website and install it in your system.
  • Now open the tool that will take a few moments to calculate the total space and the details about your Hard Disk. As its window appears on the screen, it will contain all of the disk drives of your system.
  • Select a drive and right-click on it to view its context menu.
  • It will show you “Delete All Partitions” option. Just choose this option to go ahead.
  • It will again ask for your confirmation where you have to make it sure that you want to delete all of the partitions on this disk. Click “OK” to confirm it.
  • In the same way, you can delete the Windows partition, but it is not advisable. If you delete this integral part of Windows, you would not be able to run programs on it. Your system will show just a blank screen.

That’s how you can easily delete the Windows Partition by using EaseUs Partition tool.

If you have deleted a partition unknowingly, you can recover it by using the same tool. It is also used for the recovery purpose. Including Windows partition, you can delete, retrieve and create any drive in your Hard Disk with the help of this handy and pocket-friendly tool. It is absolutely simple and safe for

How to Fix “DNS Server Isn’t Responding” on Windows PC

The most frustrating moment in our lives is outage of internet connection. Everybody in these days is busy in updating status on Facebook, playing games, surfing websites and reading news. If any of these activities get interrupted because of DNS server not responding problem, we feel like our lives have stuck somewhere. The error is because of failure of your Internet’s DNS failure, sometimes it is because of Internet itself and sometimes it is because of your PC/Laptop.

Some users complained that they are using their laptop as Wifi hotspot and when they face this error on their laptop, they also starts facing mobile network not available issue on their Android device, so be careful and don’t connect your device with laptop in case of this error. The problem is strange and brain doesn’t accept it but it’s happening, don’t know why.

So let’s start the guide to resolve this issue:

1: Check if it’s because of your machine or it’s a genuine problem with your internet connection, you can connect the same internet on any other device and see if it persists or not, if internet also doesn’t run properly and shows the same error then it is because of your own internet or router. If it runs properly on other machine then it means your first PC has some problem.

2: You can simply flush DNS cache and resolve this error, go to your Windows OS’s search bar, type cmd and it will bring black box that is called command prompt and type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press enter. It will clear cache of your internet’s DNS and you’ll be able to surf internet websites.

3: You should also restart your router and check if the error resolves or not, also reset your router and do its configurations again and if it is because of your modem/router then problem will be resolved for sure.


4: Also, go to your network connections’ section and disable internet connections that are enable and you’re not using them, it could be clash of different connections.

Disable Internet

5: If you know how to change mac address then you must give it a try, it can also resolve this issue.

change Mac

I hope any of the above steps resolves your problem but if you still facing it then below are some other tips:

  1. Use other browser.
  2. Use public DNS.
  3. Troubleshoot modem via its settings panel.
  4. Try resetting DNS server.
Purchase plot and secure your future


People who are looking for plot to purchase, first search right place only then think of buying it. When you decide to get a plot on your name, you have to make arrangement of adequate funds in your pocket. Investing in property is gaining a lot importance as it provide good return on your investment and to get plot you need not be filthy rich.
The right place of finding plots is the pages of classified where you will come across numerous property ads. Many online sites also provide plot addresses and one can even get plot information online easily. When you get through plot ads you will get property rate tags which suit every pocket. It is important to research about the property before you buy it and you must know that property transactions require heavy investment. Purchase of plot aims is only to have maximum profit out of every deal.
Every individual do search for relevant details like area of plot, price range, etc pertaining to property which they get easily through local newspaper classifieds and internet advertisements. Once you contact relevant people you will get other important detail related to plot purchase. When you purchase plot there are many other considerations that need your attention as buying and selling of plot should be done through proper and legal paper work.
When you select the plot you need to confirm one thing for sure that the property is registered and not having any legal conflicts. It has been seen that people who haven’t done proper research end up with Illegal or disputed properties and they land in bigger trouble. Many fraud people do wait for buyers, so be very careful before buying plot as they might make you fool and sell you such property which they actually did not own. Always double check the paper shown by the seller and if necessary involve lawyers.
When you decide to purchase plot then Location is another crucial consideration. Always try to find location which is developing and has access to all the basic amenities and close proximity. When you get such location with all the essential services makes a plot worth buying. You must check few important things while buying plot like adequate supply of water, electricity, proper connectivity of roads and you must have stores, hospitals nearby. Secure life style requires proper security which one should always consider before buying plot or any property as you have to safeguard interest of your family.
It is true to say that many of us feels pride and honor that is associated with land purchase. For middle class people owning a property is big achievement and they feel proud to have one property in their name. Very few with business mind will purchase property to start projects. The biggest challenge every one faces while acquiring land is managing the funds. Plot purchase is expensive affair and buyer need to have sufficient money, although they could apply in bank for loan but monthly income is very important and it is necessary also.


Numerous clients may have confronted numerous mistakes while utilizing Google Chrome. In any case, this kind of blunder is the regular mistakes which a few clients have gone up against while opening a particular site. The name of the Error is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN ERROR which we discussing here.

This sort of blunder might be seen while opening a particular site and in addition different locales open with no issue. Yet, the issue is that same site might be opened in another program, for example, Opera, IE, and Firefox and so on. This sort of blunder is chiefly created subsequent to the DNS lookup falls flat on the off chance that you attempt to get to a specific site.


Generally, dns probe finished nxdomain  is an error which occurs in Google Chrome Browser. If you were unable to open a specific page then you may meet this error. Actually, it is a technical representation. But this does not mean that site may not be opened. There are several reasons for such happening:

  • Misconfiguration of the PC or system or Wi-Fi Routers
  • Firewall settings of Computer
  • Down server of particular site

Clarification of the Issue – When we attempt to get to a particular site then utilizing DNS the program will resolve the IP location of the relating site. This blunder happens just if the program might not able to come to that DNS server.

In this article, we should introduce some data in regards to evacuate this mistake and here we continue further.

1st Method – By restarting the DNS client – has a look on the steps given below:

STEP 1: Open the Run Dialogue Box using CTRL+R and type the text services.msc and click on OK.

STEP 2: After this services Window shall be opened.


STEP 3: Find the DNS client just by scrolling carefully through the list. Just do right click on the DNS client and you shall find out the RESTART option.

STEP 4: After this DNS client will RESTART.

2nd Method – By Modifying the DNS Server Address:

STEP 1: Go to the Network & Sharing center. Various methods may be used to do. You may access the above option just by using the Network Icon which you can see in the System Tray.

STEP 2: Open the Run Dialogue Box using CTRL+R and type the text ncpa.cpl then it shall open the active networks.

STEP 3: From Control Panel you may directly access it.

STEP 4: After getting in Network & Sharing Center just click on Change Adapter Settings available on the left pane.

STEP 5: Right-click on the Active Internet Connection and now click on the property option.

STEP 6: The dialogue box of Wi-Fi properties will pop up. Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 just by scrolling down.

STEP 7: The dialogue box of TCP/IPv4 will be opened and use the following DNS server addresses.

STEP 8: Preferred DNS SERVER: and Alternate DNS SERVER Now click on OK button.

STEP 9: Restart the system. Now this error might be resolved and you may open the site which was not previously opening.

3rd Method – Using Flush DNS Cache: To get rid of this error follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Open the Run Dialogue Box using CTRL+R and type CMD in it and click on the OK button.

STEP 2: After that it will open CMD prompt and type the ipconfig/flushdns and press ENTER. This will take a while to complete and shall delete the information stored in Google Chrome Browser.

STEP 3: This action shall delete all the details stored in the Google Chrome browser.

STEP 4: RESTART the PC or Computer.